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Traveling or camping together, spending real quality time with each other as you discover new places can be truly rewarding. We welcome you to take our private tours that especially designed for school kids or family. You can come to explore our beautiful sanctuary in Bagus Agro Pelaga. And we guarantee that you will enjoy every aspect of it.
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Our professional team will assist you in arranging meeting or any kind of outbond activities in a place that will work its magic on you. Just imagine having any form of event surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views, along with elegant and high tech equipment, creating a smooth and unforgettable experience.
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Let’s create unforgettable memories with your family in the middle of lush tropical forest. Escape to a pleasant and beautiful destination and enjoy the getaway of a lifetime with selection of all-inclusive family vacations. Our family resort offer some of the best inclusive family resort to ensure fun for everyone and to make planning your family getaway easier.
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Either you are an adventurer or just simply want to experience our signature activities; this package is designed especially for you.
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Surrender to the beauty and healing cultures of Bagus Agro Pelaga. Our team offer sage advises and a diverse range of revitalizing activities and services for you to enjoy. We create a serenity place where you OWN the experience-a place to rebalance, refocus and truly restore.
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Whether you are a bride/groom-to be or just seeking for truly romantic and intimate ambience with your beloved one; this package is dedicated exclusively for you.
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